About ALG

Committed to our customers and the logistics industry

We are here

...only because our customers want us here and we are their preferred logistics partner.  We are the top choice for any customer that values honesty, rapid response time and a customer-centric approach. By constantly innovating, improving our knowledge base, and forming a true partnership with our clientele, we help foster our customers' growth and bring them with us into the future.

It is Associated Logistics Group’s mission to provide exceptional value to our customer’s shipping and logistics needs. We do this through our ongoing investment in our employees, our continuously improving technology and software stack, and our overall passion for what we do. Our success is a function of our customer’s success, therefore we treat our customer’s logistic concerns as if they were our own. We are available all the time, we are responsive all the time - we add to our customer’s bottom line and we do it on time.

Commitment to Knowledgeable Staff

ALG prides itself on employing an outstanding staff. All employees are hired and trained to be knowledgeable, efficient, and friendly while remaining open to learning and further development. We provide regular ongoing training for our employees focusing on new technologies, changing market conditions, and adaptability in our fast moving industry. While we are industry leading experts, we expect all our staff to get better every single day.  This philosophy and investment in our people gives us a constant leg up on all our competitors.

ALG prides itself on employing only the best to serve you,


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