Ironclad 95Plus

Prevent pickup issues with a guarantee backed by REAL MONEY, not talk

What is Ironclad 95Plus?

The Truckload Contract Market is always a moving target. No matter what the market conditions are- you need a partner who can weather the storm.

Never have any pick up problems with a guarantee that WE STAND BEHIND  ALG will cut you a check for the lanes that didn't pick up if we fall below 95% Tender Acceptance.

Service Level

ALG is here to put time back into your day and relieve you of stress.

You have enough regular Truckload, you deserve the highest level of service possible.

If you agree to work with us and Tender Acceptance Rate falls below 95%, we will cover the entire cost of the lane(s) that didn’t pick up.


With an All-Star team, dedicated and tailored to your business, ALG will lock in a 95%+ pick up percentage with your truckload shipments. We make the tough decisions that most Logistics Partners wont! If we price something wrong, that’s OUR FAULT, not yours.

Our Carrier Network Strength, excellence in communication and hard work is our secret sauce.

Along with the best-in-industry staff, you get access to our Transportation Management System for free! Track, trace, manage all your freight from one pane of glass and with our optional managed API integrations – you won’t be left wanting.

Ironclad 95Plus can be customized to fit your needs and size. We require a minimum of 20 Truckloads per month to qualify for the default program, but we understand that every business is different – contact us today to learn more.

* Tender Acceptance Rate is calculated monthly.  If Tender Acceptance Rate is not met, penalty will be remitted in 15 days. No contracts required. Customer may leave the program at any time.

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