Heavy Haul

Have an oversized or unique load?  ALG has you covered

Our dedicated experts are here to lighten the load

Our dedicated experts are here to lighten the load, completely. Be it a density, dimension, destination challenge or a combination of the three, the ALG team is eager to help from beginning to end.


No matter the shipping challenge, ALG will deliver. We can get you access to right equipment at the right price. From double-drop to self-propelled modular transport, your challenge is our solution.


Our staff is highly trained, professional and eager to help  We have a proven track record of success and our happy customers keep coming back for more! Give us a shot today and you won't regret it!

Our Heavy Haul Team will ensure the right solution is chosen, and will take care of all the details while making sure you’re always in the loop. Communication is key, we take it very seriously.

The Heavy Haul Freight moved in America includes turbines, houses, huge power transformers, giant boilers,  crawlers & cranes, etc. We know what it is, what it takes, and we get it done. We’ll never outsource our customer service overseas and you’ll always have a dedicated pro at your fingertips.

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