Commitment to Staff

Investment in staff leads to the best possible outcomes

At ALG we’ve developed a simple rule that keeps us true to our word when it comes to employee training – our customer’s satisfaction improves with our dedication to quality and consistent employee training.

Without our commitment to training our staff, we cannot honor our quality of service. We hire the best, we train them to become better, and in turn serve our customers with the highest level of service and knowledge.

Consistent training! At ALG learning never ends. Ask any of our staff members what their typical week looks like, and training will always be on their list!

The logistics industry is a cornerstone of our national and global economy. We take our role seriously. The industry and our customer's businesses' complexity is constantly growing/changing. Our appreciation for the gravity of our role makes us an indispensable vendor partner. We will always be eager and willing to improve employee skillsets which ultimately helps both us and our customer's success today and in the future.